Ms. Hunter's Agriculture - Online Activities/Assignments 5th-8th grade

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If I have you for Ag at either Martin, Pleasant Hill or North (5-8th grade only), I invite you to join my “Virtual” Google Classroom site using class code: thcymrj 


Go to google classroom, join class, enter class code:  thcymrj - you should now be in Ms Hunter’s Ag classes. You can then see an assignment added to do at home, but will be able to  submit information online either to my email or through google classroom.


For the other links posted below - please email or notify me via google classroom which activity/quiz/careers/farm tours you participated in to receive credit!


My email is

Office Hours- 9-10am M-F but feel free to email questions at any hour!

Agricultural Games
Virtual Farm Tours
Ag Smarts- quizzes
Finding Careers in Agriculture