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Faculty and Staff

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Faculty and Staff

Grade Level


Casey Robinson - Pre K

Casey Robinson




Amy Wyatt Pre- K

Amy Wyatt


Blake Barnett Kindergarten

Blake Barnett


Teresa Smith Kindergarten

Teresa Smith


Sheryl Donathan Kindergarten

Sheryl Donathan



Jesse Miles Kindergarten

Jesse Miles

1st Grade

Lauren Brown First Grade

Laura Brown

1st Grade

Rachel Christopher First Grade

Rachel Christopher


1st Grade

Baylee Sears First Grade

Baylee Sears

2nd Grade

Jamie Taylor Second Grade

Jamie Taylor

3rd Grade – ELA / Social Studies

Amanda Floyd Third Grade

Amanda Floyd


3rd Grade – Math / Science

Kelsey Paschal Third Grade

Kelsey Paschal

4th Grade - ELA

Leslie Smith Fourth Grade

Leslie Smith

4th Grade – Social Studies / Science

Robert Taylor Fourth Grade

Robert Taylor


5th & 6th Grade – Social Studies

Elisabeth Henry Fifth and Sixth Grade

Elisabeth Henry

5th Grade - ELA

Jeff Smith Fifth Grade

Jeff Smith

5th Grade - Math

Kim Smith Fifth Grade

Kim Smith


6th Grade - Math

Kim Nelson Sixth Grade

Kim Nelson

6th Grade - ELA

Tina Niles Sixth Grade

Tina Niles

5th & 6th Grade - Science

Mary Paradis Fifth and Sixth Grade

Mary Paradis


7th Grade – ELA

Stuart Bowen Seventh Grade

Stuart Bowen

7th Grade – Math

Stephanie Brown Seventh Grade

Stephanie Brown

7th & 8th Grade – Studies/Geography

Dewayne McGhee Seventh and Eighth

Dewayne McGhee


7th & 8th Grade – Science

Lisa Morrow Seventh and Eighth Grade

Lisa Morrow

8th Grade – Math

Bryan Simmons Eighth Grade

Bryan Simmons


8th Grade – ELA

Kira Updike Eighth Grade

Kira Updike




Faculty and Staff

Special Area Teachers


Jennifer Petru-Gilbert Art

Jennifer Petru-Gilbert



Tabitha Webb Computers

Tabitha Webb


Chealsey Baxter PE

Chealsey Baxter


Terry Baker PE

Terry Barker


Cara Fish Library

Cara Fish



Leigh Ann Fairman Music

Leigh Ann Fairman



Duane Hazelton STEM

Duane Hazelton

Teen Living

Kelly Masters Teen Living

Kelly Masters


Faculty and Staff

Special Education &

ESL Teachers


No Picture - Coming Soon


Kristina Turner


Jeff Fabus CDC 

Jeff Fabus



Lauren Petersen CDC

Lauren Petersen


Special Education – Behavior

Cederick Hall Behavior

Cederick Hall

Special Education

Cindy Andrews Special Education

Cindy Andrews

Special Education

Joy Goad Special Education

Joy Goad

Special Education

Amanda Masters Special Education

Amanda Masters




Faculty and Staff

RTI Teachers

RTI/504 Coordinator

Sherry Chappell RTI and 504 Coordinator

Sherry Chappell


Rosie Davis RTI

Rosie Davis



Laurie Wright RTI

Laurie Wright



Faculty and Staff



Christie VanWinkle Principal

Christy VanWinkle


Assistant Principal

Kasey Lowe Assistant Principal

Kasey Lowe


Kim Long Bookkeeper

Kim Long



Cathy Blouin Attendance

Cathy Blouin

County Technology Technicians

No Picture - Coming Soon


Kim Hassler


Dr. Margaret Donnelly Guidance

Dr. Margaret Donnelly

Guidance (Project B.A.S.I.C.)

Marsha Polson Guidance

Marsha Poore



Michelle Rimes Nurse

Michelle Rimes


Chris Braddock Secretary

Chris Braddock


School Resource Officer (SRO)

Officer Terry Graham SRO

Officer Graham




Faculty and Staff

Teaching Assistants


Donna Ashburn CDC Assistant  Jerry Cooper CDC Assistant Pam Piercy CDC Assistant


CDC Assistant

Donna Ashburn


CDC Assistant

Jerry Cooper

CDC Assistant

Pam Piercy

 Erika Green CDC Assistant Angela Cole CDC Assistant  Debbie Green Teaching Assistant  Kelsey Eller Teaching Assistant

CDC Assistant

Erika Green


CDC Assistant

Angela Cole


Teaching Assistant

Debbie Green

Teaching Assistant

Kelsey Eller


Melissa Martin Teaching Assistant  Michele Pagano Teaching Assistant Beverly Ramsey Teaching Assistant   Valerie Vanhorn Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Melissa Martin

Teaching Assistant

Michele Pagano


Teaching Assistant

Beverly Ramsey

Teaching Assistant

Valerie Vanhorn

 Cora Williams Teaching Assistant  Melanie Collier Teaching Assistant Lynn Christopher Pre K Assistant Frances Phipps Pre K Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Cora Williams

ESL Assistant

Melanie Collier


Pre-K Assistant

Lynn Christopher

Pre-K Assistant

Frances Phipps

 Debbie Orme Teaching Assistant Debbie Whittle Teaching Assistant



Teaching Assistant

Debbie Orme


Teaching Assistant

Debbie Whittle





and Staff

Cafeteria Angels


 Lisa Snead Cafeteria Manager  Teresa Kirby Cafeteria Staff  Arlene Woodson Cafeteria Staff


Cafeteria Manager

Lisa Snead


Cafeteria Staff

Teresa Kirby

Cafeteria Staff

Arlene Woodson

 Theresa Oshner Cafeteria Staff  Sharon Velluto Cafeteria Staff  Sheena Lewis Cafeteria Staff  Lisa Ramsburg Cafeteria Staff

Cafeteria Staff

Theresa Oshner

Cafeteria Staff

Sharon Velluto


Cafeteria Staff

Sheena Lewis

Cafeteria Staff

Lisa Ramsburg

No Picture - Coming Soon


 No Picture - Coming Soon  No Picture - Coming Soon  No Picture - Coming Soon

Cafeteria Staff

Michelle Carney

Cafeteria Staff



Cafeteria Staff

Cafeteria Staff



and Staff

Custodian Heroes


 Rick Holderman Lead Custodian  No Picture - Coming Soon  Steve Waldo Custodian


Lead Custodian

Rick Holderman



Wayne KIndrick


Steve Waldo

No Picture - Coming Soon

No Picture - Coming Soon





Johnny Bass


Darren Brower